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Sneaker Freak

26 Apr

I’ll admit it.  I am a sneaker freak.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing someone rock a great pair of sneakers.  And that goes for guys and girls.  Werrkk itt.

Note to all the guys out there: shoes matter.

Here’s a few that I would love to get my hands…. err I mean feet on.

Gotta love the AirMax + 2012... in any color.


Part of Nike's collection honoring some of the great World Marathons... here's London. Olympics 2012!

New Balance 890 'Boston Marathon'

New Balance's "Boston Marathon" sneakers

Nike Dunk Low LR

Nicki Minaj may like him better with a fitted cap on... but i'll take him with the Nike Low Dunk LRs on

I'll take an 8 1/2. k. thanks.

Alright kids… go buy yourselves some kicks.


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Make it Count

24 Apr

The other day while perusing the internet I came across this video on Youtube (don’t worry I swear the girls in bikinis are just to get people’s attention, it’s totally PG!).  It’s basically an ad for Nike but it’s about a guy who spends 10 days traveling around the world with his buddy until their budget runs out.  How awesome would that be?!

My inner traveler/wannabe spontaneous self would love to just drop everything and travel the world with no worries.  But instead I’m going to live vicariously through this video.  Not a bad way to get through the terrible tuesdays right?

There were a bunch of great quotes in the video but the one that really stuck out at me was… “Do one thing everyday that scares you”- Eleanor Roosevelt.

Which of course got me thinking if- I ever do anything that scares me?  It’s so easy to get lazy in your comfort zone, that you forget to challenge yourself.

Soo from here on out I am going to try to do one thing everyday that scares me.  Doesn’t have to be a huge thing like jumping off of a bridge, but hey why not talk to that cute guy on the train?  Or ask my boss for that raise?  Hah.

So today go out there and do one thing that scares you.